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        APEX events offer unique and valuable forums for industry experts and newcomers alike to gain technical knowledge, professional development skills and explore the latest industry trends. APEX EXPO, Content Market, Regional Conferences and Technology Conferences?are a few samples of industry events that bring together airlines, buyers, and suppliers of those that influence the passenger experience.

        Are you interested in presenting at an APEX event? Is there a topic you would like discussed? This is your chance to get involved! Proposals are accepted year-round via the online submission form.

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        There are a wide range of sponsorship and advertising opportunities to help APEX members achieve their marketing goals by targeting the highly specialized and close-knit airline passenger experience community. Sponsorship of particular items and activities at APEX events afford sponsors unmatched visibility before their key customers and business partners.
        Click here to download the APEX Sponsorship Kit.

        To learn more about APEX advertising and sponsorship opportunities contact:

        吉利彩Desiray Young吉利彩
        APEX Sales Director

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